serving the Bushnell-Prairie City Youth


Wow! I cannot believe it has been 13 years since Michelle and I began this journey.  It seems just yesterday we were going to Indiana for Youth for Christ training with our 9 month old son Andrew.

God has surely done a miracle in our lives and the lives of many teens throughout the years.

 Michelle and I live 5 miles east of Bushnell and now have 3 children, Andrew – 14, Abby – 12, and Katy – 8.  There are many things that I like doing and a few that Michelle likes.  I love playing basketball, hunting, fishing, farming and watching the Bears play.  Michelle likes the pool, shopping with her mom and sisters, and reading the best, I think.  Andrew likes basketball, baseball, watching football, and video games.  He also does a nice job of taking care of younger kids.  Abby loves riding and taking care of her horse, cheerleading, and taking care of animals.  Katy likes doing things with her brother or sister, playing with her cousins, and helping dad.  God has truly blessed us with some wonderful kids...most of the time.  We all have our moments, of being not so nice.  We all need God's foregiveness offered through the blood of Jesus.  We all need to repent of the things we have done wrong.  Thank you, LORD, for your undescribable gift to mankind!

  • The best thing in youth ministry is seeing someone choose Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and then begin living it out.
  • The hardest thing in youth ministry are the adult people problems that arise out of selfishness.
  • The saddest thing in ministry is dealing with people that are not willing to see life from another's point of view.
  • The most encouraging thing in youth ministry is seeing teens make good decisions according to God's Word.
  • The most needed resource in youth ministry is Godly leaders - adults that are willing to, and like spending time with teens, investing in their lives.